Freak Hiss

I freaked my way
through the space
between your heart beats
and the stained sheets that
lay on your dirty floor.
Unnerving I know,
but my supernatural pulse
would not permit me
to stay in these
rundown bones of mine.

Dragonflies lost on the subway,
I never quite felt
the sense of belonging,
rolling my eyes at the sputtering lies
I heard in coughing crusty crowds,
sighing to the tune of my
senses dulling,
dreaming damned,
I hissed inferno and magic
which was misinterpreted
as snake songs and graffiti.

Frowns of forefathers
and sobs of our earthen mothers
in the time that passed silently
we habitually settled
for hasty hiking up of skirts,
dungeon detail,
gravel eating,
and the sour tastes
of ghosts in our pained periphery.
I craved instead-
staring holy hallucinations
in the eye,
taking the metaphysical plane
in our dripping mouths,
sex teeth glistening,
laughing at such a ravenous freedom
that could be ours if we so choose it,
birthing luscious melodies
and banging on the furniture
with frenzied fucks,
an eroticism
so intense,
so very deep,
kept me in a constant
state of orgasm
which I learned from the moon,
how to quiet my howling head.

I craved to have your skin
throb and ache
to the rhythms of my own,
feel my bones
wake up in the night and shake
hearing your voice
whispering me back to bed
when I went wailing and walking
in my restless sleep
through the ether tremors,
your subtle stroking
soothing the seizure visions,
soft and sultry,
stealing me away
from thundering nightmares,
lifting my body
up through the dark.
Wrap around me again
and hoist bright lanterns
above my wicked forehead,
illuminating even the creep places in my
screaming skull.
Show me any goddamn reason to give
this sorrow earth
another chance
in the morning
whilst I just
want to lay in bed all day
and drown my memories out
with my molten tears.

Yet as I cringe at the thought of the dawn,
another stifling day
without a hand to hold,
a glorious cold
swept in,
slinking inside me
through the open window,
I moaned
with the pleasure
she brought down,
my brain alive
with predicate possibilities,
sizzling desire
ricocheted through
my bloody veins,
reminding me
hope can always be found,
even in the murk and the mire.

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