Night Heat

The mist,
our hostess
for the evening,
sang out burning notes,
thirsty chords
stuck at the back of the throat,
were freed,
found wanting,
to pleasure roam the
highlands and hemispheres
of our staggering psyches,
unimpressed by belfry fears.

Temptress night,
I ache to be opened,
commune in voluptuous fire,
sink deep into sultry waters,
wrap the earth around my hips,
air becomes breath,
sucking it down,
between the cracks
in the ethers and
my shrieking skin.

We healed ourselves,
then raptured each other
up and out of this hell plane,
backwards space and sound,
forward in rhythm,
angels in awe of our
magical bodies,
grinding down the
writhing watchtowers,
crunching through
concrete chessboards,
drenching the beats with
sex and sweat,
ecstasy tears,
wailing sirens,
lifting heated heads
to the moon,
bringing in the dawn
with our howls. 

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