Tick Tock Alice...

The vampire in the watchtower
will always follow
the muse to the basement.
And between the beauty myth
and seven cups of stale coffee,
I hum that song that was on the radio
in the car with the faulty seat belt,
passenger side,
"Will you bleed with me,
at that mad tea party
with no room?
Alice, please."
Three weeks and 13 spider bites later
it occurs to me
in a sunset of broken dishes
and smaller loads of laundry...
that half the dirty hand prints
on your white-washed walls
are mine.
I'm your fucking lunar eclipse.
Play time is over.
Drop your toys,
empty your pockets,
cause the muse is purging
the pain and tequila shots
out in the bathroom.
And the Vampire,
is just waiting
till you sleep
lullabyes and antihistamines.
Let the feeding begin.

Picture taken from: Brenda Marks
Check out her artwork. It's amazing!
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