Clairvoyance (An Alice in Wonderland Tale)

I stepped into the mirror
and found a man on the other side

and I was still waiting for the other horse
to come into view
I tossed and turned,
faking ambivalence,
heads will roll to center stage.

I felt the liquor and
ooze through my veins,
getting stuck at the twists and turns,

I dripped clairvoyance and arithmetic.

Take the coins to the collector,
tithe for a reason
I cant quite figure out.
I do not know what to do with the powerhouse.

They always turn the martyr
into a collectible,
another porcelain mask
to hang on the wall
next to the family vacation pictures.
It was more than that

and my shadow
could’ve told you

but she has gone,

pretending to care
about the next
big scandal,
the printing press,
 and the designer
rockstar tattoos

crystal ball,
fuck it.


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