The madhatter calls Alice...

Would you have another cup of tea?
I ask you kind sir,
do you have any wine?
Why no ma’m
and besides,
your not of age.
Why does a Raven look like a
writing desk?
Edgar Allen Poe come to play?
In the child’s garden with Lewis Carroll?
Do you see Tim Burton in the Looking glass?
I am not seeing the same thing you are.
I see gravediggers for Regina Spektor.

What is the rabbit in the hole
going towards?
Hell’s sanctuary for music makers
and candlestick takers...
the ice queen
and the underdog unite
only in the cold darkness.

Have no fear,
the dragon is still laughing,
so the clock keeps on ticking.
The wax paper stiffens
and wonders who the picture on the wall
is staring at.
Wax works museums
confused with Confucius
and the leviathan
open one eye,
head pointed towards
the sun.
I give the phoenix
a nudge out the door,
and he is gone,
into the twilight,
like the white knight hare.

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