Back Up Brain

Back up brain,
back up brain,
drive me down those curvy creepy roads
away from these haunted humans
spitting and fitting
their sick stories
into my face
as if it wouldn’t
effect me.

And in the end times,
old souls were
put on trial
for all humanity’s war crimes
because we had seen it all
in our prophetic heads and thus
found compliant,
and the ones who acted their violence out
were free to walk the planet.
Ain’t that always the way?
We tried to warn you,
and even still remembered your pathetic names,
the ones who splattered blood on the pavement,
and whose teeth clattered,
crunched and gnawed
at the bones
of their own ancestors.
They drank gasoline in the dirt
instead of
shouting out the wrongs of the world,
got fucked up in the marshy mire,
under the ground,
in the water,
and left the world to rot

in their wake.

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