New Seas and Serpents

She said
keep to the left,
just out of
eye’s reach,
let the energy
be the thermometer,
forget all other weather
for time doesn’t have
a move to make here,
no room for him
on the chessboard now.
He wasn’t wanted.
focus on the breath:
and slow,
and deep.
Create the space
and begin.

Your feet
nestle into the mud,
reaching down with your toes,
your roots to the core of the earth
where fire breeds its own.
let it
Ground you.
Move you.

Feel your hips
slip in between
the air currents
speaking in sex sighs
and protection spells,
billowing art and heaving breaths
out into heaven
creating stardust.
make it
Freak you.
Feel you.

Heart speaks loud.
She throbs and pounds,
thrusts herself
into others
with a red run healing
that circles and swirls magic
around holy bodies,
laughing and screaming joy.
feel it
Bleed you.
Be you.

Head heavy
with prophetic visions
and unconscious drivings.
demand it
Give you.
Grieve you.

Her head is so full of sticks.
His head is so full of stones.
Their heads are full of tones and tensions,
stories and sirens
that cause the world to
glow and howl forth,

creating froth, new seas, and serpents.

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