Teeth Clench

Teeth clench,
I ate spiders
and sucked out
the blood of the
hounds birthed
in that grit hell
Im still chained to,
twitching between
empathy and apathy.

I know
nothing is forever
but our stardust,
and I do
see the light
even from the
water well
in which I cling to.
I am aware the exquisite exists
and I delight
in the day
when I can
but I twisted more towards
the macabre
and completely
fucking insane-
I fell too far
down the rabbit hole
and no one dared follow.
The sorrow
has changed me
into something
I do not know,
the mirror
warps my image
into a moaning ghost
that fades in and out
with the music

that beats loud below.

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