To Be Wild

I was the lost boy
that fell back
through the moon’s mirror
to earth with a crunch,
back to this side of the looking glass
with a moan,
and I had to squint and
tilt my head slightly
to remember my home
in that other world of
ether and water.

Back in my skin
the body felt,
and the delusions or prophetic visions,
however you see fit,
stretched out time
so that a million flashes
could happen in just one moment,
slow down,

Count back the clock tower
from madness,
match up
mixed up memories:
I said this?
You did that?
I hopped a circus train
headed out of town
to get far away from
the shoulds and shouldn’ts.
I stripped down completely naked
to feel the air
coursing through me,
singing fire out of my mouth,
with fervor and
the deepest desire
to not have to explain myself.

To Be wild-

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