Freak Girl

And in the sand
where I lay,
stretched out naked
on a towel
that felt like a scrub brush,
I ended up
standing in the bathroom line
for 34 minutes
while listening to two women
in matching stripped suits
talking about hating blowjobs
and wondering if they’d ever love again.

The world tilted the same
all the time,
and it felt particularly predictable
some days in the summer heat,
especially in grocery store lines
or at parties
where you only know one person
who’s really more a friend of a friend.
And I rolled my eyes
to the circus
I saw around me,
which did not make me popular
even in middle school
where clicks got their kicks
by messing with the freaks
so I sang in the choir
and kept my head down.

But somewhere
along the rocky way
I found
this solid fire magic
within me
and she cradles me
when this freak of a girl

feels too crazy and alone.

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