Mind Fuck

I was slowly drifting off
to the sound of my own
and from under the floorboards
of my sanity,
all you could say was:
Fuck you,
Get better,
and deal with it,
which made me cry tears
of blood and volcanic ash
until I passed out
from the lava
stuck in my lungs
and regained consciousness
just long enough
to miss my brother
and his kind and gentle spirit
that always grounded me
when my madness
became too much for me
or anyone else to bare.

And in the night,
my demons tore at my skin,
mouths dripping blood,
stripped me naked
and laughed
throwing coins in my face
which you didn’t seem to think
was a problem.

But even so,
I felt a steady beat
deep within me,
a purging pulsing
that thumped my body
awake to
tease the twilight,
make her moan
and beg for more
until her pleasure
made her smile

wide and wonderful.

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