Let Yourself BE

As far as I could tell,
I was your
push down baby,
barbie go lucky,
and the thing is,
whilst I trudge through time
like a serpent’s slow slither
back to the water,
I’m discovering
through the strong winds of string theories
and the looking glass tears,
I am more the raging phantasm twilight type,
the hurricane grit girl,
always choosing to look up
and count the stars blazing above
instead of watching heads bobble
with anticipation of a punch line
which never comes.

Im ready to shake it all up,
bounce it all out,
hips moving in time with
the thunder rolling through,
anarchy angel
with bloodstains on my face,
spitting the obscene and holy
that birthed the phoenix after
losing her downy coat
which covered the floor
that you could see before you
to rise from her feathers and ashes
in gory glory,
if you are even paying attention.

Shady in the light and leaf,
we, the overwhelmed third eyes,
hear the shadows’ howling
because we know
that gruff and hazardous raven razor feeling,
and up in the rafters
we slumber and mix with the lightening.

I hear you.
One thought at a time,
please sir,
take tea and
calm yourself:
change the room around,
sage and groove to new tunes,
dance naked expect for
those hoop earrings that you dig so much,
sing loud with the windows open,
make noise,
be heard.
You are different,

so let yourself be.

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