Undertow Angels

Cathedral candelabras
strutted through my
in pinstripe suits
with spats and
winged tipped laughs,
to hide the fear
of the wrathful undertaker
with whom we played
until she grew
bored and yawning
in the twilight and
ended our games
of breathing.

Sighs at the back of the neck
made me want
to spill out all
the dirty things
I craved to do to you,
but I held my moan
inside my burning lungs
and let out a giggle
instead of
the lightning
sizzling in the ravenous space
between my heart beats.

In hiding winking mirrors
the electric steam boils,
we vibrate and twitch
with the aftershock,
death's undertow angel
hummed and swirled around my head,
and though I fought her,
straining my bleeding fingers upward,
grasping desperately for a hand to hold,
mixing molten energy and cosmic chemistry,
I could not
silence her scream
that cast us down,
drugged and dragged us underground,
never to sing again.

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