Magic Bones

Tigers working the printing press,
we stumble on,
sharpening teeth in our soaking mouths
with fever and fervor,
to make slyly simple actions into grand metaphors of
desire that deepen and delivered doorstep prophecy,
leaves crackle underfoot,
apothecary apprentice
turns pages for the master and smiles at the time clock
clicking backwards to the center of the womb,
friends partaking each other in dark secrets
held inside lungs for 18 cold years,
until a staring sad eye swept over her,
in just the right direction
with a calming sensation behind the throat,
and so she foretold her untold woes
to a quiet humming wanted phantom
who sobbed and held her hand until dawn came upon them,
so slowly and subtle,
delicate touch under a harsh sun.

I unwound you from your lies
and shaking wounded rage,
if you could perchance dare to shut your fake and fucked mouth,
I could explain astral projection radiance,
channels so intense that I felt my soul riot
and ricochet out of my body,
into brains and tempest creatures,
witness the revelation of the empath,
what twas meant when I said I could stand in a room
full of gasping water ghosts
and see looming interactions
coming up in the spaces between continuum and architectured consciousness,
quaking relationships heaving frustrated breath at each other,
vaguely hidden erotic meanings in casual lounges,
spiked delusions,
preemptive strikes and premature ejaculations,
sexed pill distractions,
porn and milk,
effort relaxed into science sleazy therapy and
doctor visits cleverly disguised as getting better,
with little effort on your part,
of course,
with such great greed money to be made,
oh blessed be the corrupt pigged america,
his torture mind tricks,
tacks nailed straight on through our fingerprints,
tinkering out twisted melodies,
blood dabbled marks on white and black keys,
grand pianos shoved in almost always forgotten corner closets
or dusty dank basements of the obscene elite.

Then after the ghosts with their horrorshow heads,
nailed and bloody battered serenades,
I felt a sexy sizzle spark up through my insides,
made me sigh heavy,
got aroused,
so wanting
that twouldve slipped supple down your soft skin,
blush slightly,
though always hide my kink ravenous
pulsing pleasure fucking well
like a snarky alchemist hatstand
holding back a throbbing head erection.

Twilight coming down deep around me,
caressing gently away the pain and manipulative pressure,
fissure flashbacks of cruel men before.
Night had a way with wonderful whimsical words,
safe havens for once in what seemed like centuries
of marionettes tied together with barb wire, scare tactics, and tears.
Oh hungry mouths,
spine magic wrapping around my haunted psyche,
raptured out the lonely that strangled me in dreaming,
hanged me to swing back and forth,
sick in my waking,
a perceived innocent peering out of syrup yummy rainy windows,
longing so desperately to somehow
escape all this misery and malice,
etched under my poor poisoned brain,
screaming headaches down my limbs to limbo
and back again.

Mm though the sunset times cuddled me just so kindly and aware,
with warm palms stroking away the sadness,
lips tender,
teasing and caring enough to taste me fully,
healing me awake,
lulling away from the nightmare that was mine
to hold in shadow,
never to whisper or shout out loud the visions
that sewed my mouth shut
and taught me to trust no touch or kindness from anyone. 
To be cradled, comforted without conditions
and payment plans, games and rude expectations,
what a lovely thought.

I still hope,
while painting rooms with fanciful footwork,
swaying naked sultry curves pressed heavy against yours,
or scribbling my sagas,
sacred rites and witchcraft,
visions enthralled in thunder and seraphim,
that I will be loved as wildly as I have loved,
expressing affection and unconditional moans of sex and passion unyielding,
there must be others out there in the ethers as I,
souls for which love and light are the rhythm
they melt and vibrate to,
could take me inside and on top,
into the depths of their being
without cages and chains and violence.

Holy awakening world,
where are you?
Hold and rush to me quickly,
before I sink back into the earth
to avoid the constant breaking
of my bones and
battered heart strings,
for all the dead and dying,
I cannot bare the sight.

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