Empire Crumble- Rise and Revolt

Taking tea
and precarious refreshments
in the man-made
soiled and sweating
I squirm and
wriggled out
of the maliced mosh pits and
festering angry faces,
temper tantrums not being cute or helpful
with our own bloodied heads
being used as cement to build more
illness factories and stock market make-up schemes,
teetering towers for the grizzly heads of state.
Cemetery stones whispering
in humming harsh tones
about the rise of melancholy,
choked down,
gasping and gurgling slosh
with tasty teaspoons of
aspartame apathy.
Hierarchy demons propagating
counterfeited fornicating plastic masks,
fed forced and planted upon any
anarchy dandelion
who so much as dared to look
move in a direction
of equality and enlightenment.

We were cast out,
scape goated,
cleverly whistle blown to
the depths of inferno layers
of the powerful fucked,
Plastic credit
giving us selfish egoed fame,
dizzying delusional highs of
commercial catastrophe
and seeping drama addiction.
I spent my morning sick
to my bleeding stomach,
purging propaganda
and patronizing patriarchy,
giving then instead my
fierce and frightening
energies to revolt
in seas of pleasured nuances,
pure moaning breathing soft
on the neck ecstasy
with the simple act of awakening,
choosing to fight
psycho-pathetic doctrine,
a staggering wake up to
police state falsified forensics,
brutal tactics of paranoia
and serial brutality.

Gnashing our battered teeth
together in blazing brilliant protest
against sick greed and powerlust supremacy.
The time is ticking close
to the programed wires of the greenback filth machine,
thus the craving necessity to stand up,
no more bowed heads
in chemical injected reverence to the
sick hydra headed kings
with their sadistic twisted grins,
humiliation inflicted on the disenfranchised,
thus to aid the jacking off of suited men
in pristine golden armored bathrooms,
pentagrams and pentagons.
We shout loud and vicious,
screaming down walls thicker
than even Jericho could muster,
throwing down the privileged powerful
where they sleep and smirk at our
pain and agony.

Together we unshackle
our young and each other,
shaking the sleazy elite
from their frothing habits of
murder and cover-up covergirls,
rapes and muttering adrenaline fueled mass graves.
We turn our smiling roughed edged faces,
without fucking permission-
towards the sun,
into a new dawning age
of collective spirit and
freedom for all people.
Awake, we now must Rise.

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