The chessboard speaks

In the cosmos, we intertwined, twin flames melt together. Our Egyptian brethren thrust us into the future, the ancestors fading back into the mists of heaven though we shout for them to stay.

The chessboard full of fast moves and equality issues breathes a sigh of relief, our soaked psyches gleam in the moonlight to explore and be driven on to create, to delve beyond the pale-faced corpses that sit in the graveyards over on east 11th.

The lightning inside me strikes hard and I shake, threatening to split full through into both feminine and masculine selves. I hunger for more when the creative collective begins to howl in my ear.

The monster ate my whole sacrificed framework and then I swallowed the red pill, went down with a cough. Haunted by the wails of angels, waltzing weapons of sanity. The doors to the masquerade begin to close slowly and now I must find a way to live with what I've seen.

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