a strange vision I had: Alice meets a breathing plant

As Alice turned to the door that said “do not enter”, she realized that she may be only one who would dare to cross its threshold and land in some unknown territory that could take her farther and deeper than she had even expected on this particular journey. The mad hatter winks at the teacup because he seems to think that it’s talking to him in clinks and clatters, only noise to the untainted ear. He remembers a time when he was a vibrant vigilante and now he felt as if the twinkle in his eye had become smoky and left him for another lover. Regardless, the door was opened, and Alice and hatter walked hand and hand through this new vision of someone else’s imagination and reality all twisted into pieces of a puzzle that makes itself angry for the want to be forever scattered on the table, never to be put back together again: chaos was serenity for some.
            Behind this doorframe number three is a large (filling up the room with its delicate features) breathing fern of some specific species as out yet undefined. In and out the plant breathes and seems to shake a little from weeping at being all alone in a room without windows through which she could’ve see the sun and felt its warmth on her outstretched fingers. Alice gathers her courage and deepening curiosity and steps forward to speak. “Why all this sighing and shaking dear plant, have you nothing to live for?” The plant says not a word for a very long and intense introspective moment but just breathes its troubled and heavy breaths and shakes for lack of anything else to do. “I am alone,” says the fern without warning. Alice sits down on the floor to conjure up some sort of solution to such a desperate problem as this. “Singing makes me feel less alone when I have despaired and that foggy isolation has come upon me,” says Alice. The fern seems to brighten and decides to give the vocal chords a test in that direction. She starts to hark out a melody so pure and infinite that a flock of birds from some outside corner source swoop in to join in harmony. The mad hatter stands in the corner and watches on at the scene, a tear falls from his eye to see the fern and his new friends unearthing new melodies together. 

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