Kundalini rising: a poem

Kundalini rose up to the throat
and then gave birth to a new allegory.
As my mouth starts to water,
my eyes rolled back to the drive
to feel your energy on my tongue,
I kiss the top on your spine
and you start to breathe deep.
Can we dance together
in this astral chessboard ballroom?
Divine ourselves to a heist’s height
and we curve into each other
through space and long winters.

The tables are set
as the templar knights end the night
with a celebration.
A feast for the un-quested,
my mind melting on the radiator.
My road was clear up to the chapel,
through the underground,
I lay in mass array.

Dances in dark places,
thunder in the rain,
we sought after the graveyards
of America,
listening to the earth
you could hear the bones still shaking,
their spirits rose in the air,
and fell at my bedside.

there were witnesses in the fields,
the pyramids of the earth rising as
energy up a spine,
we sink into the ground
and prepare for the battle
worth true warriors of the metaphysical.
These pages will burn and we will be left
as black sheep in the wilderness.
Though many of us may deem the wild
to the chaos,
and I don’t blame them,
but the times still ticks by in that world too,
my fellow asylumed brethren.

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