To Begin with the Supernatural

I had inclinations towards
the snarky and paranormal:
dragons dancing in the daylight
on the courtyards of Oxford,
monsters texting and swearing
riding the subways in Manhattan,
ghosts sitting in my bathtub
smoking cigars,
all of it there for an
open eye to see.

The mechanic medicine man
sent alchemy potions
through the mail
to those interested
for a low price of
only three installments
of 19.99
with the only side effect
being that when ingested
by humans they
began immediately
eating the furniture.

And I know,
I know,
my imagery is bizarre
and my words
were sticky sometimes,
my syllables shaking and quaking
in their high heeled boots
with laces up the back
but these words
are my real-
and that seems like

a good place to begin.

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  1. Thank you for this journey. Appreciate you sharing.