Sleep Without Dreams

I had tried to write
words upon screaming words
this loss gaping pain,
but I seemed to
never quite capture
the sensations
under the skin.

I ached,
what I meant was
I physically hurt
like someone injecting
poisons into my skull
that spread through my veins
and made me shudder to remember
having this
beautiful brother soul,
my twin spirit,
half of me ripped out
and taken off
somewhere into a
nightmare wonderland
in which I could linger
but could not stay,
and I found that the wounds
seem to fester,
as the time passed
since our hearts together
speaking our own language
through the tides of fashion and fancy,
gossip and mundane chatter.

I miss you.
I miss you.
I miss you ever still,
can hear your rattle death breathing
in my head
while the storms
wash down
upon me.
Im dying over and over

in my sleep without dreams.

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