Spirit Waltz

It was the way
your moaning bones
waltzed themselves into a room
that snagged me first,
a spirit not so snug
in its body
thus still had a chance
to spicy sway to the music
on the stereo.
I saw her spirit
from across the vapor room,
dancing round inside you free
and couldn’t help
but to crave a chance
to swing her around that starlit space and
love every moment.

Was that ravenous raging dragon
still there in the morning?
I opened up
the closet door
to grab my lace-up boots
after I had kissed your neck
and down your back
through the night and you’d finally drifted
to speak to the angels in your dreams,
and there he was,
lighting cigarettes
with his fury breath,
laughing so hard
he snorted loud
and filled the room
with a cloud of smoke
and heavy chortle
whilst I slipped out the back door

into the dawn.

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