A cacophony of
breakthroughs and break downs
hurled and twirled me
deep within
some sacred hole,
through the underworld
to dance
with the shaking bones
til dawn’s delight.

Morning came
and I dragged
and I drugged myself
into cars of lines,
stiffening shoulders,
bruises on the arms
and oh heaving breaths wrestled
pounding heads,
but also
such sweet collidings
with soft backs
and rough bodies
on a Wednesday night
in January.

Today was a
cum and coffee
sort of temperature,
and I meant to stay around,
to watch you undress,
and we could
undo each others
precious masks,
with a blush and a sob,
but Im always
called away to
the graveyard
and so fucked you
loud in the night
and then craved
to leave at
to drive alone.

The real
was so fucking harsh,
truth seemed
to seize me
into standing silence,
brain whirling
with too much,
just so many moments
to connect like
spreading swirling fires
in that
perfect dark blanket,
soft but sometimes cold,
and that was alright,
I snuggled in for
long twilight
anyway with

a smile.

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