Stay with me,
I beg you.
Remind this old n
haggard witch
that love or hope
does exist
in the blue haze,
under the mushroom
of that sensical caterpillar.

With my people
lost forever at sea,
I stagger to the beat
of the elite,
backed into cobweb corners,
suffocating in the deep dark.

Im buzzing with
bad memories,
trauma visions,
on and on
into the morning.
And the hate
was too great
around the globe
spitting out at each other
with harshness, so
I ate through
copper wire,
arsenic laced pencils,
fairytale and telling
and drank diesel
with cup and saucer,
of course my dear,
til twilight.

I was walking around
with a blazing fire
on my back,
making me twitch
and freak,
hide in my closet
with the candles
praying to some unknown magic,
til the candles started
lighting themselves

and I sighed in relief.

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