Ancestor Call

Dark night hours,
I wrestle 
with the fallen angels
in dreaming times,
he fights me
to make me bleed
and I am sweaty hot,
weary from the war.
I wept for you monster,
doomed to repeat
bad habits
as if fate liked
licking your ankles
and staying after
all the other shiny guests
had left,
she crawls into bed with
you and watches you sleep.

Death seemed to
keep me as
her servant,
bound and gagged,
with sadness
so loud
I assumed I awoke
the universe
who consequently didn't seem to
have a care
and fell back down
to soft beds,
fluffy down pillows,
with warm others,
snuggling her through
the cold night
as I lay sobbing sleep
every twilight
since I can seem
to recall.

Jordan and I
were the closest of
soul blood,
bonded together brethren,
and now
he's been taken from me
and I am left here
to fight these nasty growling,
gnashing teeth to my skin,
all alone.

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