The Elementals

Etching words into the Earth,
my eyes cried
blood ash tears
for my sisters and brothers,
their screams drowned out
by the glorification of violence
shrieking at
our profaned doorsteps,
entering minds like TV static
on a night in a cold December.

Wind came up
from behind me,
caressed my neck
with light lips,
she somehow soothed
the craving monster
with uneven, cold,
and I was blessed
for a moment,
laughter that
filled my insides up,
twisting circus drag and glitter
through my veins.

Fire sunk into me,
morphed my dreams
and brain cells,
snakes lurching up the spine,
spitting sex,
spiders cast their
between my bones,
and before I knew it,
we were floating
through air and arsenic,
lust teething at your eyelids.

seeped upward
onto the ground
and swallowed,
reminded me how
to surrender
to the dark,
and the ecstatic spaces
in between shadows,
gathering moss and ink
for my mouth,
I silenced the damned
to the shore
and cradled them
to sleep
in my womb.
Thrills, pills, and chills,
riding the humped back whale
down to heaven,
up to hell
with eyes glowing in the twilight. 

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