Dark Matter

And the reaper
came a-reapin,
left me weepeing,
in the morning,
you teething on my bones,
distraction was complete,
wink your eyes
and howl to the gods
of carnivale
as your hands remove me
from spacetime.

Try to erase me,
I dare you with fangs glistening,
hold on,
take it off,
leaving the body,
bending and twisting
into those
illuminated collective ethers,
to waltz round at will
in your energy,
among others,
some dull and wrinkled,
others pulsing and throbbing,
brilliant metaphors pursuing  their
counterparts in the land
of dreams and tarot cards.
The Hierophant coughs and sees,
the Star listens intently,
the Devil laughs,
and the Universe nods
her head to the new rhythms
a-comin in
through the cracks in now drenched Manhattan,
your cries ring loud,
I hear you.

Druid priestesses
in robes of red
danced the walk of the dead,
witches burning
in sad Salem,
all detailed in visions
leaving me to stare out
the open window,
I lost my real in the Imaginary
and didn’t matter
to mind.

The leaves fell and
I thought of father’s death,
nightmare eyes looking
through slanted blinds,
nature talking back
to us in our sleep,
men licking their lips,
friends turning to fucking,
then ending just in a whisper,

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