Enjoy it.

I know that I worry too much,
but I had lost my father
in the mire,
and the cancer had sunk down deep,
now playing new games,
in the coming seasons.
What was I supposed to do?

I don't sleep much,
and yet I still see light,
sullen beauty,
in the street,
leaning on a lamppost,
slurring mechanics in the City
but getting dirty down
at closing time.

Freaks fucking,
getting bad habits,
cuming and dicking around,
eating and laughing
late into the darkness.

You are glorious,
sweat and skin.
Tis enough self-loathing,
you give light to the people
around you,
don't you see that
through your gin and tonic?
Your sad eyes let me in
on your secrets
I'm not blind,
not yet.

I have fierce wrath welling
up inside as I witness
daily the unneeded soul-killing,
hatred and violence spreads.

Baby, life is hard,
I know the pain
you suffer.
I've loved and lost,
was used and abused,
indeed given against my will,
and taken away from hope altogether.
These visions are
ticking clocks,
candles flickering
we enter as always,
through the looking glass.

Relish in the
utmost pleasure.
Forget your troubles
through soft touches,
sensual slumber,
desire and mixed rhetoric,
slurring of our words,
love or lust or whatever,
architects of the underground.

Phantoms breathe deep,
lose you and me,
in the heat,
staggering away,
breathe quick,
seeking to loose the battle,
give in.
I can take you away,
for a moment,
Enjoy it.


  1. Again a wonderful piece...I absolutely love it...Thank you for writing...I greatly enjoy your poetry

  2. Aw, you are so sweet. Thank you!

  3. Really good write, liked it a lot. Randy recommended I check you out and I'm glad he did, really enjoy what I've read so far. Thanks, definitely will visit the archives here