Lay Me Down Deep

Shiva woke me from my sickly slumber.
I asked him to repeat himself
because I was half-dreaming
of hats and other frisky filthy things
when he first stormed into the room
and spoke.

"I call you back to awakening."
My eyes, once again,
open and succumb to the
Magic that surrounds
and runs through me.

Take me home,
lay me down in shadows,
kiss me like you
mean it,
breath and myth,
chaos and hydra,
carry me with you
to the labryth and leave me there.

I won't mind to shed a tear and
learn something "simple",
like letting go of dogma
and danger complexes,
fear is foreign folly
and must be unlearned.

Darkness overcame me,
car wrecks and flashbacks,
scavenger hunts for that
poor little girl,
who was found dead in the morning,
stuck in the river Styx,
the bow on her head,
bobbing with the tide.
8 ball in the far left pocket,
whiskey sours after long days
at the office.
Standing in the mist,
smoking an entire pack of cigarettes,
waiting for something-
to drag you to your feet.

Welcome to the 9th House of the Blues,
Your awakening
is coming for you soon,
with a sexual shudder
and a smile of relief.


  1. yes....Thank you for sharing this with me. I love you're style. Angry acceptance. Lesson's for all. I love it. I am following your blog now and will link back to your blog in my poet/writers section...thank you for sharing. Link back to me if you like my blog. Wonderful Poetry.

  2. I am honored by your compliments kind sir. It is so nice to know that someone is moved by my words. Thank you.