Sex and Sorcery

I dreamt of sorcery.
You died in your sleep
while Mary Magdalene
feeds the mockingbirds outside her
window and cries herself
into dreaming,
red robin
tied to a lamppost.

Night sweat,
dancing out
the bass,
sex and public stonings.
I lean in,
change your history,
keep you going
to the rhythm,
slow and steady, honey-
I make you wait
cause Im good at that.

Create the difference
you crave to see,
live aloud and fuck it.
Give in
or make do,
teacups with coffee in them
and lace lingerie,
black with pink bows,
and those boots you like.
Let's lift each other up,
we delve further
into time,
deeper inside the ocean.

Honest sacrifice,
the hanged man
swings back and forth
and you laugh
until the key fits
into your locked door.
And there,
standing in your
narrow-minded hallway,
which you fucking built
all by yourself,
is the goat with a grin
and death,
snickering at your expense.

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