Dancing Devil

In the midst of the dancing devil circus,
painted white and red,
she leaves us to stagger in the heat.
We can forgive each other
for the things we saw in dreams,
lonely fights with the monster,
we live underneath the belly.

Today I sweat off the negativity,
move to beaten paths of divinity,
live out the moment as if my feet
could sink straight down into the ground,
given the opportunity.

Take the red pill,
see the fall of sacred tempests
that make us swell together.
He cries out in the night,
we are losing our children.

Rebels out,
rise up and through glass rafters,
into the air,
between time and space.
Lift out of your holes,
your identity puzzles,
your dizzy spells.
We live in an age of a changing sun,
the moon our compass now. 

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