Haunted by Soulmates

http://star.walagata.com/w/redvelvet/Energy.jpgWe are all being haunted,
not by ghosts,
or past mistakes
but those who we have the strongest connections to.
Soul mates, Twin Flames, Soul Brothers and Sisters.

I think we are all being haunted by these people
because, it's time to wake up to some very complicated
spiritual connections.

For example,
I have intense visions of people being connected to certain people
by long strings of various strengths.
I feel it in my stomach
Pulling me towards other souls.
I don't always know why it's happening.

I don't know if this is seen by all,
but I think we can all relate
to those presences,
those feelings deep within our soul
calling out to us....

You may think things like
Remember me?
Remember us?
I still love you.
Whoa, this connection is intense!
Why did you leave?
Your gone but still here somewhere
I feel you, Wherever you are.
I miss you deeply.
How can I make it up to you?
Why do you haunt me?
Why are you floating around in my head?
Why is the pull to you so strong?

Now, I am not talking about your everyday
thoughts of the past or future
If you feel what I'm talking about,                                                                                  
you will know it's way deeper than that.
It's just something you can't shake.

Let's be real, sometimes these
"pulls" to people may not be good for us.
We can be blinded by lust, hate, guilt and selfishness.
Or stuck in a system that has taught us to forget to listen to our
soul and follow the ramblings of the mind.

As R.D Laing said,
"Unlearning is necessary for anyone before one can experience the world afresh, with innocence truth and love."

Open up your etheric mind to the soul connections
to those you can't shake
or live without,
the people from the past
the people of your future,
let them come in,
feel them.

We need our people now.
We all need each other.
If your soul is calling out to you
to contact someone,
forgive someone,
let someone know something,
let's all start doing it.
We have to heal.
Come together.
We all need our people.
We need our spiritual connections to help us all
rise into a new aeon.


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